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From superior guest service to informed decisions. Our intuitive solution ensures your team’s unwavering focus on delivering exceptional guest experience.

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Enhance your fine-dining restaurant’s service and efficiency with our cloud-based POS solution. Elevate every aspect of the dining journey, from order placement to seamless payments. Our user-friendly technology brings sophistication to your establishment, ensuring a world-class experience for both staff and guests. Discover the future of dining service and management with our cutting-edge POS system.

Offer a hassle-free experience

Optimize your restaurant’s efficiency with customizable floor plans, real-time table tracking, and quicker table turnover for seamless table management.

Custom floor plans

Optimize your restaurant layout with custom floor plans, helping your staff manage tables more efficiently and improving the flow of service.

Real-time table tracking

Tracking table status, order placements, and when guests finish their meals enables you to optimize your service and overall efficiency.

Regular guest

Foster loyalty and encourage return visits by offering exclusive tabs to your regular customers, boosting their sense of value and warm welcome.

Run busy hours smoothly

Effortlessly manage busy periods with our Kitchen Display System (KDS), delivering a swift and mistake-free order process.

Real-time order updates

Streamline the cooking process by displaying real-time orders directly in the kitchen, reducing the risk of errors and improving efficiency.

Automated Prioritization

Automatically prioritize orders based on preparation time and type, ensuring timely and consistent dish preparation.

Multi-channel order integration

Combine orders from walk-ins, in-dining, and off-premise dining into a single, manageable interface.

Elevate your guest's dining experience

Streamline service and boost accuracy for an unmatched dining experience. Make informed business decisions and manage your operations with Ecash’s all-in-one POS solution.

Elevate your guest's dining experience

Streamline service and boost accuracy for an unmatched dining experience. Make informed business decisions and manage your operations with Ecash’s all-in-one POS solution.

Keep your menu fresh

Access useful data about customer behavior, popular menu items, and peak hours. Optimize and create specialized menus for maximum profitability and guest satisfaction.

Customer order patterns

Understand your clientele better through comprehensive data on ordering patterns and preferences.

Inventory management

Make informed decisions on stock levels and supply ordering to avoid stock shortages and minimize waste.

Data-driven offerings

Utilize insightful data to create targeted promotions, design specialized menus, and adjust your current menu offerings.

Find your perfect catering needs

Ecash’s cloud-based POS software is a flawless all-in-one solution designed to fit every catering type. From streamlining ordering and payment processes to perfect inventory tracking, we have a streamlining solution for every aspect of your business.

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Fine dining

Location:  Kerkplein 6, 9163 HB Nes Ameland

Owner:        Viktor Nikolovski

Website:    van-heeckeren.nl

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Experience Uninterrupted Operations With Our Cutting-Edge Solutions: From internet-independent capabilities to state-of-the-art kitchen displays, our top-tier hardware is designed for flawless performance. Enjoy smooth, daily operations backed by our reliable and fail-safe equipment.

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