Ecash POS for Pizza Restaurants

Just like a well-topped pizza, our cloud-based POS system offers an array of ‘ingredients’ to customize the perfect solution for your pizzeria. From speedy delivery to insightful analytics, serve up an experience your customers won’t forget.

Fresh Ordering Experience

Simplify the customer’s order journey from the menu to the plate with our seamless ordering process, designed for customizable ordering and swift service.

Customizable Ordering

Customize every order down to the last topping with our QR-enabled menu, minimizing the chance of mistakes.

Multi-channel Ordering

Seamlessly receive and process orders across multiple channels allowing your staff to focus on quality and speed.

<span data-metadata=""><span data-buffer="">Swift Service

Improve both speed and accuracy of service by enabling staff to focus on customers, facilitated by contactless ordering and payment system.

Optimized Operations and Communication

Seamlessly manage your pizzeria’s multifaceted operations, from table management to kitchen workflow, ensuring optimal efficiency and guest satisfaction.

Smart Table Management

Digitally recreate and customize your floor plan for intuitive navigation, enabling quicker and more efficient service.

QR Table Tracking

Accelerate the ordering process and minimize wait times with unique QR codes for each table, ensuring swift and precise service.

Synchronized Team Communication

Improve your kitchen’s workflow with a smart ticketing system designed to keep staff communication at its peak.

Slice through the competition with Ecash Pizzeria POS!

Don’t settle for less, optimize your operations and delight your customers like never before. Get started today!

Slice through the competition with our All-in-One Pizzeria POS!

Don’t settle for less, optimize your operations and delight your customers like never before. Get started today!

Create Operational Excellence

Leverage real-time analytics and inventory management tools to make informed decisions that drive profitability and operational excellence.

Remote Data Access

Review your performance metrics in real-time from any device remotely, thanks to our secure, cloud-based platform.

Efficient Inventory Management

Monitor and prioritize ingredient usage to reduce waste and optimize stock levels, ensuring the high quality of each pizza served.

Real-time Financial Overview

Achieve complete visibility and control over your revenue, expenses, and cash flow, consolidated in real-time reports for informed decision-making.

Find your perfect catering needs

Ecash’s cloud-based POS software is a flawless all-in-one solution designed to fit every catering type. From streamlining ordering and payment processes to perfect inventory tracking, we have a streamlining solution for every aspect of your business.

Prep your restaurant for success.

Ecash is with you every step of the way.

Personalized business assesment

Talk to a specialized expert. Develop a strategy based on your unique needs.

High-quality modern hardware

Quality hardware is important.Get the tools you need to operate at the highest level.

24/7 support

Dedicated support team. Available 24/7 to assist you with any technical issues.

Sophisticated restaurant POS hardware

Experience Uninterrupted Operations With Our Cutting-Edge Solutions: From internet-independent capabilities to state-of-the-art kitchen displays, our top-tier hardware is designed for flawless performance. Enjoy smooth, daily operations backed by our reliable and fail-safe equipment.

Join us on this journey of simplicity, and efficiency.

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