Cruisin' with Flavor, with our POS for Food Truck

Break free from the kitchen and manage your food truck from anywhere with the help of our POS solution.

Remote solution

Manage your food truck from any location you choose, anytime and any device of your liking through our cloud.

Access Anywhere, Anytime

With our cloud-based POS system, you can manage your food truck business from anywhere in the world at any time of the day.

On-the-Go Sales

Take orders and process payments with ease. Using our POS system, you can serve your customers efficiently and minimize wait times.

Multi-Device Compatibility

Whether you use a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, our cloud-based POS system adapts to your device of choice, ensuring flexibility and ease of use.

Streamline your orders

Boost your order service capabilities with our cost-efficient, cloud-based POS, featuring QR-enabled ordering, prepared order alerts, and auto-order printing.

Smooth Contactless Ordering

Empower customers to order and pay using a QR-based system, with notifications when their order is ready, reducing time spent in queues.

Error-free workflow

Automatically print incoming orders for immediate prioritization, and preparation by your staff for streamlined service and accuracy.

Cost-Effective Solution

Redefine cost-efficiency with our flexible and customizable cloud-based POS solution perfectly suited for your business.

Your food truck, simplified. Perfect operation management.

Enable seamless ordering and payment on the go, from any device, with our remote POS solutions. Suitable for one or multiple locations at once!

Perfect food truck solution. Manage operations with ease!

Experience smooth orders and payments, anywhere, on any device with our remote solution.

Enhance your operations

Elevate your food truck operations with real-time inventory tracking, centralized control for multiple locations, and seamless offline functionality.

Effortless Inventory Tracking

Keep track of your food truck’s inventory in real-time. Make it easier to restock and avoid running out of popular items.

Multiple locations

Effortlessly manage and monitor the operations of multiple food truck locations through a single, cloud-based control panel accessible from any device.

Offline activities

Run your food truck seamlessly in even the most remote locations, thanks to offline functionality. Sync all data effortlessly once an internet connection is re-established.

Find your perfect catering needs

Ecash’s cloud-based POS software is a flawless all-in-one solution designed to fit every catering type. From streamlining ordering and payment processes to perfect inventory tracking, we have a streamlining solution for every aspect of your business.

Frequently asked questions.

A POS (Point of Sale) system offers several benefits for your food truck business, including increased operational efficiency, accurate sales tracking, and enhanced customer experience. It digitizes the ordering and payment processes, reducing human error and speeding up transaction times. Inventory management features can help you keep track of stock levels, reducing waste and ensuring you never run out of popular items. 

Ecash POS comes packaged with features tailored for food truck operations. Some of the most popular features include: quick order processing (speedy orders, less queue time), inventory management (managing stock efficiently), payment flexibility (accepting a variety of payment methods), real-time analytics (instant access to data), and much more.

Yes, Ecash POS is designed to work in remote locations. The system has offline capabilities, meaning it can process transactions and store data locally when an internet connection is unavailable. The stored data will sync with the cloud as soon as a connection is re-established, ensuring no loss of information.

Absolutely. Ecash POS offers multi-location support, allowing you to manage multiple food trucks from a centralized system. This feature enables real-time inventory tracking across all locations, consolidated sales reports, and even staff management, all accessible from a single dashboard.

Ecash POS is designed to be hardware-agnostic, meaning it can often be used with the tablets, printers, or card readers you already own. However, it's recommended to check for specific compatibility requirements to ensure a seamless experience.

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