Ecash’s POS Solution for Bars & Lounges

Elevate your bar or lounge with our seamless cloud-based POS system. From contactless ordering to flawless service, deliver an unmatched guest experience.

Deliver a great guest experience with Ecash POS

Ecash Bar POS is more than a transaction point—it’s a comprehensive solution that handles orders, processes payments, and optimizes daily operations, all while adding to the ambiance and energy of your establishment.

Effortless Transaction Flow​

Offer a frictionless guest experience with our client-focused service features, including contactless ordering and an intuitive, dynamic menu interface.

Client-Focused Experience

Enable your servers to go beyond order-taking and turn their focus to guest engagement, thanks to a simplified ordering process that ensures a seamless guest experience.

Contact-Free Ordering​

Enhance guest convenience by offering integrated QR solutions for quick and secure, contactless ordering and payment.

Intuitive Interface​

Enhanced User-friendly interface designed to simplify and amplify the guest’s ordering experience, making every transaction smooth.

Maintain Flawless Service

Revolutionize your bar’s operations with our all-inclusive management system, designed for optimal staff efficiency and order accuracy.

Efficient Order Handling

Ensure quicker drink and food delivery by processing orders from multiple channels on a real-time Display System, effectively reducing waiting time and margin for errors.

Automated Order Management

Automatically categorize and prioritize incoming orders, guaranteeing that each order is prepared and delivered in the most efficient manner possible.

Synced-in Staff

Improve communication between front-of-house and back-of-house teams for enhanced service and guest satisfaction.

Raise the bar with Ecash

Simplify your bar’s workflow and elevate customer satisfaction with our POS solution starting now!

Raise the bar with Ecash’s POS System

Simplify your bar’s workflow and elevate customer satisfaction with our all-in-one bar POS system. Start making data-driven decisions now!

Maximize Your Operations​

Use our inventory and reporting tools to better understand how your bar or lounge is performing so you can make intelligent, informed decisions to improve your business.

Streamlined Stock Management​

Simplify your inventory tracking to ensure you’re consistently stocked with customer favorites, seasonal specialties, and high-margin items.

Insightful Reporting​

Generate real-time, customizable reports to monitor performance and identify new business opportunities.

Remote Access

Access important real-time data from any device, anywhere, without sacrificing security, with only an internet connection.

Find your perfect catering needs

Ecash’s cloud-based POS software is a flawless all-in-one solution designed to fit every catering type. From streamlining ordering and payment processes to perfect inventory tracking, we have a streamlining solution for every aspect of your business.

Sophisticated restaurant POS hardware

Experience Uninterrupted Operations With Our Cutting-Edge Solutions: From internet-independent capabilities to state-of-the-art kitchen displays, our top-tier hardware is designed for flawless performance. Enjoy smooth, daily operations backed by our reliable and fail-safe equipment.

Elevate your business to a whole new level. And beyond.

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